One crane with two souls: That is the claim by Jekko Cranes for the new incarnation of their SPK60 telescopic boom crawler.

The SPK60 was launched in 2016 as a crane for confined and difficult spaces where millimetre-level precision and controlled movement are needed – typically inside buildings in tight interior spaces. The new 2.0 version retains those characteristics but it adds a sportier, more knock-about, identity for pick and carry operations on rough terrain and in all conditions of bad weather.

It is the new version of the machine’s management software, says Jekko, that gives the SPK60 this dual identity. In its roustabout outdoor role the software creates for the operator a feeling of maximum stability  – necessary because the crane rests on a maximum base of 2.9m by 2.5m.

In this mode, says Jekko, the machine is suitable for construction sites, installing metal structures and platforms and industrial maintenance. It comes equipped with a hydraulic manipulator for pipes and beams that gives extreme precision when handling and lifting materials at a height. It is also perfect, they say, for installing glass: the SPK60 can install glass panels on facades up to nine storeys high. It can lift 3t in pick and carry mode, 6t when static, and reaches a maximum height of 26.7m with jib.

But the control software also allows the SPK to operate in its original role of high precision work in confined interior spaces. Jekko suggest it for the petrochemical industry, maintenance inside power stations, and all indoor spaces where stabilizers cannot be used.

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